Networked Lighting Controls

Teslyte Avantec IoT



  • A simple and easy stand-alone Bluetooth Beacon wireless system

  • Reduces energy consumption and cost

  • 0 - 10V dimming individual programming in each Smart Chip LED

  • Real-time and historical operating data reporting: temperature, intensity and wattage

  • Up to 400 meters range, over-temperature protection

  • Up to 35 Watt Xicato XIM smart chip

  • 48V power supply

  • Apple XIMtroller App.


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Teslyte Technika IoT



  • A complete mesh network ZigBee wireless system

  • Multiple dimming levels to compliant with California Title 24

  • Control up to 1000 nodes, 400 meters range with the wireless gateway

  • Historical operating data reporting: multiple zones, scenes, sensor events, and schedule

  • Data and events logging

  • Supports LED module from 40 - 150 Watt

  • SimplySNAP gateway

  • Laptop computer, tablet, or smart phone with Google Chrome Browser

  • SNAP wireless 0 - 10V dimming controller

  • Dim-to-Off driver


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