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About Teslyte

About Teslyte

At Teslyte, we realize that each project has its own unique challenges and demands. With our decades of experience in creative engineering, detailed manufacturing and quality control, we offer lighting fixture design, LED Printed Circuit Boards, innovative lighting controls, and IoT technology. Teslyte specialties are LED design and manufacturing for retrofit and customized fixture solutions suitable for many types of projects, while having a wide range of outdoor and decorative products that can be modified or altered to meet customer specific requirements.

Products offered by Teslyte uses our modular components that customers can use to create their own unique luminaire with specified requirements. Teslyte has a proven ability to take a customers’ concept from a napkin sketch to completion to meet their needs and set timeframe in less than 8 weeks. At every stage of the project the customers’ needs will always be met quickly to solve any project challenges. With multiple options from the list of Teslyte’s existing fixtures can be modified to give the project that custom feel and be completed within three weeks.

Having strong strategic partners within a 40-mile radius of our corporate headquarters in Anaheim California allows our manufacturing capabilities to be superior in handling any request for a customized solution. If your project is cost sensitive Teslyte has strong overseas relationships that we work directly with in manufacturing to meet your needs. We base our success on our commitment to the customer by providing attention to customer care, personal service, and timely communication to the customers’ needs. This is done through our decades of project management by understanding the design, feasibility, photometry, and specifications that is required to give an accurate quote and turnaround time for the project.


Architects, designer and specifier   benefits at a glance:

Teslyte’s product line is designed to fill the gap in projects that have challenges with design, delivery, or pricing:

  • A diverse number of lighting fixtures that can be modified or altered to suit the needs of a time critical project and the customers’ requirements

  • Fast turnaround to meet the projects deadlines

  • Technical resources to solve any design challenges

  • Fabricate or modify existing fixtures to exactly what the customer requires and enhancing the project



Retrofit designed and shipped in 2 weeks

Designed, tested and shipped in 4 weeks

Designed, tested and shipped in 6 weeks