Teslyte offers integrated Network Lighting control technologies include AVANTEC, TECHNIKA and ADAPTEC.

Most Teslyte luminaires are capable of integrating smart technology that allows for wireless connectivity and control.


  • A stand-alone Bluetooth mesh lighting control without expensive wires and hubs enables facilities managers or building owners to integrate with a broad range of lighting, network and management systems throughout a building and across entire site

  • Provide significant operational savings from energy savings, maintenance and repair costs to any site

  • Can be installed and commissioned in hours or days using intelligent control system for fast, ladder-free setup and maintenance

  • Ideal application: Barcelona and Westminster families

Teslyte tech.PNG


  • A stand-alone smart dynamic beam sculpting

  • Control beam angle 10º - 50º, dimming, tunable CCT with a single App

  • Ideal application: Cylinder floodlights


  • A complete mesh energy-saving wireless system controls up to 1000 nodes of networked lights, control sensors and photocells, 400-meter range with the wireless gateway

  • Reduce energy consumption and maintenance

  • Integrate to program lights on/off/dimming for any specific area tailoring to each event via one central control management station

  • Teslyte Technika can be installed and commissioned in multiple zones, scenes, sensor events and schedules

  • Ideal application: Florence Family and retrofit RF-TL series